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At Gosh! we’re keen to work as hard on being as kind to the planet as we are to your bodies and be as ethical in our production as we can. Reducing waste and improving our sustainability credentials is part of that.


Following on from our announcement in Spring that we’d no longer be using black plastic in our packaging, we’re pleased to announce a new initiative for our food waste. Food refuse will now be used in Anaerobic Digestion, which then gets turned into renewable energy.


Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is the natural breakdown of organic materials into methane and carbon dioxide gas and fertiliser. This takes place naturally, or in an Anaerobic Digestion Plant.


From 1st June, all our food waste will be collected and placed in an AD Plant. Here bacteria work on the food waste in a controlled environment. This process creates biogas which is sent to Generators to create 3.2 MW of electricity, and bio-fertiliser for farms.


We’re looking forward to getting started and we’ll continue to strive to do all we can to support the environment.