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sustainability at gosh!
Taking care of people and the planet
All through the natural wonders of veg

Our mission to inspire everyone to live life on the veg doesn’t stop with our delicious food. Behind our products, an entire business exists that is powered by people who care for the planet and its communities. And together, we’re on a journey to becoming a B Corp-certified business so that we can go further with our mission, make even more of a positive impact and join a global community of like-minded businesses who meet high social and environmental standards.

Why B Corp?

Becoming a B Corp-certified business isn’t a label for us

It’s a good question. Becoming a B Corp-certified business isn’t a label for us. Since the very beginning, our purpose has been to provide delicious plant-based food that’s healthy for people, but also for the planet. So we see a strong alignment between B Corp’s values and our own.


If you’ve seen our packs, you’ll know that we only use all-natural ingredients, so we’ve got nothing to hide. With a B Corp certification, we’ll be demonstrating that same commitment to transparency across all areas of our business.


Nature doesn’t stop – and neither do we. We’re always innovating to improve our products, business and sustainability efforts. This aligns with the B Corp framework which emphasises the need for continuous improvement.


We not only empower people through the wonders of veg, but also through social initiatives. Becoming B Corp-certified will allow us to learn from and work alongside other businesses who are making great strides in helping others.

Where we’re at


of our packaging is fully recyclable. Keep reading to learn how we are on a mission to get to 100%


meals given to almost 500 communities, schools and charities via The Felix Project


soya, chemicals, harmful ingredients or palm oil in our food


our goal for becoming a B Corp-certified business

Where we’re headed

Our pillars of action
Positive Nourishment

We want everyone to feel nourished from the inside out. And not just because of our naturally delicious food. But because of the feel-good factor that everyone can enjoy from a wholesome diet packed with goodness.

That’s why we’ve added Plant Points to our newest packs, helping our customers discover how our food is loaded with nutritional benefits that contribute to overall health and wellbeing. Plus, our ingredients have always been 100% natural and always will be. So you never need to worry about what you’re getting.

Protecting Mother Nature

We’re all about doing things the right way and that means making our whole operation more sustainable. That’s why we’re tackling our carbon impact head-on, from ingredients to supply chain to waste and packaging.

Speaking of packaging, we’re on a mission to make all our packaging 100% recyclable by 2025. Until then, check your Gosh! packs for tips on how to recycle them.

As part of our ongoing efforts, we are in the process of conducting a comprehensive emissions inventory. By the end of 2024, we aim to have a clear understanding of our carbon footprint across our supply chain and operations, which will empower us to further improve our environmental impact.

From there, we aim to establish science-based targets for emission reduction, aligning ourselves with leading global initiatives.

Passionate about our people and communities

We wouldn’t be Gosh! without our talented people who live and breathe our values and ambition. So it’s our job to make everyone feel welcome, safe and rewarded. We do this by prioritising long-term employment with internal promotions, advertising all vacancies internally first and continuous training and development.

A diverse, equitable and inclusive working environment is also important to us, so we actively seek feedback through engagement interviews and biannual anonymous surveys. These help us to stay connected and responsive to our team’s needs.

And that’s not all. Our love for people goes beyond the walls of Gosh!. Together with The Felix Project, we’ve been active in stopping nutritious food going to waste and delivering it to those who need it most – donating over 107,000 meals to communities, schools and charities since December 2021.

Small changes.

Big Results

We’re making sure that every step we take is a step towards continuous improvement. This is 100% in-line with the B Corp framework. And 100% in-line with our ethos of developing innovation to make nourishing and exciting food. With our focus on people and community, we can get more folks eating and enjoying veg that’s healthy for them and the planet, too. All while maintaining transparency across our ingredients, environmental footprint and social impact.


While we are still on this journey, we recognise the importance of transparency and accountability. We are dedicated to sharing our progress and initiatives as we work towards a more sustainable future. Watch out for updates as we continue on our journey…


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