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We all know that switching to a plant-based diet or reducing our meat consumption is a small but impactful change that we can make to help save the planet. Here at Gosh! we try and make eating plant-based accessible and easy, with our ready-to-eat, naturally delicious products.

However, it isn’t just about the food that we produce. There are many other factors that contribute to sustainability and it’s becoming increasingly important for brands like ours to look further into how we can create a positive impact on the planet.

Starting with our products that land in your shopping basket, all our ingredients are natural, with minimal processing and do not use any soya, chemicals, harmful ingredients, or palm oil. Our trays are all 100% recyclable and almost 60% are made from fully recyclable material and we are working to increase that to 100%. The sleeves, boxes and labels used to package all products are also Forestry Stewardship Council certified – this means that the cardboard originates from forests that are managed in a sustainable and responsible way.

Snack Bites, our newest product, are also in fully recyclable packaging. Any further product launches will also be in recyclable packaging.

Happy Snack Mailer

When sending out our products to consumers, journalists, and influencers, we consider how it might be packaged. Our latest innovation was sending out a Happy Snack Mailer which was made from 100% recycled coffee cups. We always ensure that any extras are reusable or useful, for example, we sent out lots of fresh herbs in the Happy Snack Mailer for people to use in their cooking with our Gosh! product.

We then take a look at the processes within our business and we’re really proud to say that we are a zero waste to landfill manufacturer and any food waste we do have goes to renewable energy and produces bio-fuel. The bio-fuel produced each year can power the equivalent of 1600 homes for a weekend.

Our new and second manufacturing site has also been built with sustainability in mind. It has a gas free hot water supply and energy saving lighting. It also has a lot of natural light flooding into the canteen which makes for a lovely environment for our colleagues.

We also help support our local community by sending any additional Gosh! products to two local charities; Dine with me Bedford and MK Community Fridge – plus we allow our staff to take home any spares too.

Beyond local, we’ve worked with the national charity, 52 Lives. 52 Lives aims to change someone’s life every week of the year and spread kindness. It is based on the simple premise that people are good, and lots of good people working together can achieve amazing things. 52 Lives believe that kindness has the power to change people’s lives, strengthen communities and ultimately change the world – while improving our own well-being at the same time.

We’re helping raise funds with our free recipe eBook where every download = £1 to 52 Lives.

As we continue to grow and develop our business, we’re constantly looking at new ways to make our processes more sustainable. We hope that you can see we’re off to a positive start!