What’s in Gosh!’s Backpack: Eco-Friendly Products to Take on the Go

We live in a world that is becoming ever-more conscious of the waste it produces

We live in a world that is becoming ever-more conscious of the waste it produces and the impact it has on our carbon footprint. Eradicating single-use products is just one of the ways we can fight climate change, and we now have some of the best eco-friendly alternatives available to help.

At Gosh! we’re serious about the environment, so we’ve put together a list of sustainable swaps small enough to take on the go. Read on to find out which eco-friendly products we’re sticking in our backpack to help protect the planet through Veganuary and beyond!

Why are eco-friendly products important?

As humans, we have a responsibility to look after our planet. Ensuring the safety of the entire eco-system can seem like an extremely daunting task, but small changes in everyday life can help make a big difference.

One of the small differences we can make is to swap out harmful materials we use regularly for eco friendly products. If we all started using sustainable products we could have a huge impact on our environmental footprint. Eco-friendly products are reusable time and time again, less toxic, more durable, require fewer resources to make, and are easier on our environment and wildlife.

Do eco-friendly products cost more?

Sustainable alternatives to everyday items can seem appear more expensive. It’s important to remember is that fact that environmentally-friendly purchases will need to be made far less than flimsier plastic products.

The whole point is they’re durable, sticking around for longer so they don’t contribute to plastic pollution. So whilst they may cost a bit more money up front, they are likely to last for a long time, eventually saving you money!

Here are our top picks for sustainable swaps you can fit in your back pack, helping keep the planet healthy on the move.

Recycled plastic containers

Recycled plastic containers are a great thing to have in your backpack if you’re eating on the move. They can help reduce plastic waste in the long run and are made from sustainable materials.

Gosh! lunch.

Storage like this can be used to package your lunch day after day, removing the need to use cling film, tin foil or anything else that is likely to be used once and thrown away. You are also fairly likely to have plastic containers around the house already, maybe from last weeks takeaway or packaging used for shop bought food. These containers can be repurposed as lunch boxes really easily, another great way to cut down on waste!

If you want to know more about repurposing your used house hold items, you should check out our blog on Everyday Items You Can Repurpose.

Now that you’ve got your container ready to go, you’ll need something to put in it! At Gosh! we’ve created a tonne of recipes, ready to help fill your lunch box. Check out:

If you’re after something quick and easy to fill your lunch box, you should check out our recent post for our easy pasta lunch box idea. Let us know what your favourite meat-free lunch box filler is by tagging us or writing in.

Reusable cups, mugs and bottles

Single-use cups and plastic bottles create a big amount of unneeded waste. Swapping out disposable coffee cups and water bottles for a plastic free alternative can be a great way to protect the planet.

Reusable cups, mugs and bottles are some of the most popular eco friendly products out there and they have earned their place in our back pack. They can come in numerous shapes, sizes and colours and make a perfect eco friendly gift. Whilst they can be made using a variety of materials, most are produced using recycled water bottles with plastic polymers such as polypropylene and copolyester.

That being said, stainless steel reusable bottles are on the rise, with bamboo travel mugs also available on the market.

Reusable straws

The use of plastic straws has been in the media a lot recently, with many big name companies now moving away from using them in their restaurants. Instead, companies are opting for paper straws to quench their customers thirst.

Paper straws are a great alternative to their plastic counterparts, with most being fully biodegradable. There are however many places still using plastic straws, and making sure you have your own reusable zero waste alternatives to hand can help prevent any waste at all. Reusable straws come in a number of materials, including:

  • Reusable stainless steel straws
  • Reusable bamboo straws
  • Reusable silicone straws

Tote bags

The use of plastic bags has been another hot topic in the media within recent years, with most of the bigger supermarkets moving away from using them. The few that remain at the tills come at a cost, so many people now reuse old plastic bags or have invested in eco friendly alternatives to reduce plastic waste- queue the tote bag!

The tote bag is another eco-friendly alternative helping us fight plastic pollution- an essential in any eco warriors back pack. Not only are tote bags environmentally friendly, but also affordable and fashionable- coming in an array of sizes, colours and designs.

As well as looking great, they’re also extremely durable. You needn’t have to worry about the inevitable split you’ll suffer when using plastic carriers. Plus they can be folded up tight, leaving space for other eco-friendly products to fill your back pack.

Reusable razor

Switching to a proper razor will save you money in the long run, whilst giving the planet a helping hand. Disposable plastic razors are only likely to last a few shaves, meaning the potential for waste is extreme.

Many disposable razors are made from mixed plastics, which along with their blades makes them a struggle to recycle. Swap them out for stainless steel or bamboo alternatives to keep your self-care eco-friendly and plastic free when you’re on the move.

Bamboo toothbrush

Whilst we’re on the subject of self-care, we should talk about your tooth brush. Like disposable razors, plastic toothbrushes have the potential to contribute to a lot of waste. The average person should change their toothbrush every 3-4 months, meaning we’re all likely to go through about 4 brushes a year.

Bamboo brushes are biodegradable, meaning they reduce the amount of unnecessary waste that plastic brushes contribute to. Once finished with a bamboo brush, the bristles can be removed and the handles can be composted.

Bamboo also has a much lower carbon footprint than the plastic used to make most toothbrushes. It can be grown and harvested relatively quickly and needs no pesticides and very little water over its lifespan. In comparison, plastic brushes are made from polypropylene and nylon, which are both sourced from non-renewable fossil fuels.

On top of everything else, they’re small and easily transportable, making them the perfect edition to our zero-waste backpack as we travel.

Bamboo cutlery

If you decide to order food on the move it is likely to come from a take-out or fast food restaurant. Many of these places will only offer you plastic cutlery to eat your meal. Single-use plastic cutlery is a big problem for the environment as they too can end up in landfill and cause significant damage to our environment.

The solution is to move towards using reusable alternatives like bamboo cutlery. Most bamboo cutlery is completely plastic, chemical free and requires little resources to produce. Bamboo cutlery sets are also light and compact, making them the perfect addition to our back pack.

To top it all of they’re stylish, affordable and durable- a worthy investment to make!

If you want to know about some zero-waste swaps you can make outside of your rucksack, you should check out our blog on Easy Zero Waste Swaps For Eco-Friendly Living.

If you want to know a bit more about how we’re helping to protect the planet at Gosh!, you should check out our blog on How Gosh! Is Helping To Protect Our Planet. We should also mention we are very proud to have received a Greener Path Award for ‘Zero Waste to landfill’ issued by ACM Environmental PLC.

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