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1. Man pays for a stranger’s shopping

Maeve Joyce discovered she did not have enough money to pay for her weekly food shop at Aldi in Ballyphehane, Co Cork. Sadly, she had to return some of her items back to the shelf. As she was walking back to her car, a kind man approached her with a bag of the exact items she’d had to leave behind, having paid for the extra items himself. Maeve has taken to Twitter in the hope of finding the kind-hearted man to thank him for his incredible act of generosity. The tweets and news of the lovely gesture have since gone viral both in Ireland and the UK.


2. Vet saves tiny fish from life threatening tumor

Sonya Miles a Vet from Highcroft Veterinary Hospital in Bristol performed surgery on one of the world’s smallest tropical fish called Molly, after her owners noticed a worrying growth. After a successful operation on a fish that weighs less than a gram (a global-first), Molly is now in great condition and the Vet, Sonya has promised she will continue providing treatment to all exotic fish species, no matter how big or small.

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3. A surprise ‘slice’ of birthday kindness

When collecting a birthday cake at a bakery in Banbridge for her little niece’s first birthday, Leah O’Brien was shocked to find it had already been paid for by a stranger who’d decided to pay for the cake in memory of, what would have been his daughter’s first birthday. Leah said, “I was stunned, it was such a kind gesture especially for this person to have thought of someone else at what must have been a very difficult time”. After the kind act, Leah followed suit and put money towards another stranger’s cake at the bakery. This is our favourite example of how paying kindness forward has such a lasting impact on someone.

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