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Spring is around the corner, which means more light and more time in the day to play! We caught up with some of our favourite bloggers to find out what fuels their inner sunshine.

Margherita is an established blogger and anorexic warrior, who uses social media as a platform to share her personal experience in order to help others. As a dancer and vegan, nutrition and strength are extremely important to her. We caught up with Margherita to discuss health, self-love, motivation and play.

1) What motivates you to lead a healthy life?
My motivation to lead a healthy life comes from my passions and my past. I have encountered many battles in my past, in which I had to fight daily to restore both my physical and mental health. From this experience I have understood the importance of health and this is my main motivation to lead a healthy life as well as appreciate it.

2) How do you fuel your body efficiently?
Fuelling my body efficiently is often about three things: balanced meals, preparation and timing. Being an advanced dancer demands a lot of energy to power my body in class. This means that no matter what time the dance class may be in the day, I always make sure I have fuelled my body before hand with vegan goodness. I often prepare and pack lunch and snacks so that I never dance or exercise on an empty stomach.

3) What does playfulness mean for you?
To me, playfulness means freedom; watching a child run in a game of tag to me screams freedom. When I dance I feel incredibly playful as I play with my dynamics, play with my body and play with the music, and at these moments I feel like my spirit, my mind and everything that is ‘me’ is free. Playing is a way to express my happiness, and a way to express my emotions… it’s a release and a beautiful breathe of escapism.

4) Between balancing your personal life and maintaining your Always Margi blog, how do you make time to stay playful?

The balance between business and play is often hard to find. Blogging is something I enjoy but it requires a lot of serious brain power. Luckily dance is my play and this is something I get to do regularly.

5) Do you have any tips for the Gosh! community on integrating playful practices into daily life?
It’s sometimes easy to fall into the trap of doing ‘what everyone else is doing’ (even if we don’t like what they are doing), and we subsequently forget to enjoy doing more of what we love. We spend far too long focusing our energy on parts of our lives which we just ‘do’, that we forget to embrace the things we love to do. Yes, we need to ‘do’ the washing, the hovering and cleaning up, but we also need to do what we love doing. My advice to the Gosh! community is to prioritise fun and to do something you love daily. If art takes your fancy or you’ve always loved gardening, why not do them more often?! Enjoying life and spending time doing the things you love is most definitely essential for releasing any negativity you have bottled away… And that’s a productive thing! You see, playing is productive too!


Becky is a fitness, yoga and wellness enthusiast focussed on spreading positive vibes. We caught up with Becky to find out how she uses nutrition and fitness to create meaningful experiences.

1) What motivates you to lead a healthy life?
Leading a healthy lifestyle allows me to live my life to the fullest. It allows me to do the things I want to do whilst feeling energised and alive. Making simple changes in nutrition, how I train, my work-life balance and simple daily tasks allows me to achieve better mental clarity, allows me to feel strong, and helps to improve my confidence as well as feeling great from the inside. In addition, what inspires me more than anything is using how it has helped me to now help others.

2) How do you fuel your body efficiently?
Through a lot of trial and error I have experimented with different foods to find what works best for me. I believe everybody’s body works so differently — there is no one approach fits all! I now lead a vegan lifestyle and I feel great doing this; it leaves me feeling energised, fulfilled and most importantly feeling healthy.

3) What does playfulness mean for you?
Playfulness to me means having a balance in life — being able to work hard and be disciplined but also being able to be spontaneous and carefree. It means doing things out of my comfort zone, pushing limits and most importantly having fun. Being able to have your green juice but also your cocktails!

4) Between your personal life, your job and maintaining your blog, how do you make time to stay playful?
I have a goal to try something new every month — a new day out or a new activity. Whether that be a spa, aerial yoga or rock climbing, it’s great to mix things up and introduce variety. I also LOVE my career, which means I feel playful all the time because when you love what you do you just want to do more of it!

5) Do you have any tips for the Gosh! community on integrating playful practices into daily life?
 – Dedicate time to be playful — make sure you have that balance between nights out, new activities, going out with different friends and family and simply just new adventures. Just as I block time out in my diary to work and teach yoga classes and blog I also dedicate time to play.
– Find what you love and do more of it. To me that’s yoga. A little bit of yoga a day keeps my balance going…. on and off the mat! It may take a while to find what exactly this is for you but it’s all about experimenting and be open to new beginnings!

How will you integrate play into your daily routine this Spring? Send us an email or tag us on social — we’d love to hear your top tips for prioritising fun and fuelling your inner sunshine!

Life’s amazing, let’s enjoy it, together.