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At Gosh! we are always on the lookout for selfless people doing kind things for others. Share your acts of kindness with us on social media with #GoshKindness.

Postcards of Kindness from Around the Globe

A scheme named Postcards of Kindness is on a mission to put a smile on the faces of elderly people in care homes around Gloucestershire. School, workplaces and individuals across the county have all signed up to send postcards to those in care homes, telling them all about their lives, loves and travels. What started off as a small project has snowballed with 30,000 people having now signed up. This thoughtful idea allows recipients like Margaret at Westbourne Care Home to be transported back to her summer holidays as a child, with postcards arriving from Torquay and Bournemouth. What a beautiful way to allow elderly people to think back to fond memories. If you would like to get involved with Postcards of Kindness, simply join the Facebook group here.

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Every Little Helps

When Clare Smith treated herself to a new handbag, she was shocked to find someone had put a little gift inside. Tucked into the inside pocket was a five-pound note along with a little note that read, ‘All your dreams are possible, go for it, have faith in yourself’. Clare was so inspired by the kind gesture that rather than spending the money on herself, she has put it towards her own random act of kindness to brighten someone else’s day.

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One School’s Stand Against Bullying

Pupils from The King Alfred School in Highbridge have been busy carrying out numerous acts of kindness to mark anti-bullying week on 11th- 15th November. From buying gifts for others, giving someone a compliment to doing good deeds, the pupils made it their mission to spread kindness and show their stand against bullying. To mark the completion of their kindness task, each pupil tied a blue balloon to the big oak tree in their school grounds. We love this example as it shows how the power of kindness can stop bullying in its tracks.

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We love seeing how kindness spreads so if you’ve seen an example of kindness you’d like to share with us email us at [email protected]