Veggie Sausages


With sage & black pepper

A veggie Cumberland style sausage with chickpeas, butterbeans, and green lentils. Expertly blended and baked with sage and black pepper. No nasty surprises in here, just a whole load of natural goodness and lots of fibre!
Our veggie sausages take their inspiration from their traditional Cumberland friends. With a variety of herbs and spices mixed together, parsley and sage give a depth of flavour and add the all-important flecks of colour to our humble sausage. The black and white pepper also packs a punch!
Chickpeas are the base ingredient to our special sausages; these legumes are a great source of protein, fibre, iron, and B vitamins. When chickpeas are mixed with butter beans, they create an amazing creamy base with a subtle nutty and savoury flavour that combines fabulously with the savoury notes of our spice blend.

The mix of legumes also gives a gentle firmness as well as a slightly chunkier texture that is familiar a traditional Cumberland sausage. The green lentils have a gentle peppery flavour which helps bring out the pepper notes in the spice blend, while also adding texture to the sausage giving it a good bite.

Voted one of the top 3 plant-based sausages for BBQs by Good Housekeeping (find out more here)

Aaaand Expert Review has named them best for a unique taste (check it out)


Chickpeas (18%), Onion, Rapeseed Oil, Green Lentils (8%), Butter Beans (7%), Rice Flour, Potato Flake, Salt, Parsley, Sage, Thyme, Nutmeg, Ground Coriander, Ground Mace, Black Pepper, White Pepper.

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