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It’s coming to the end of stress awareness month so we’ve put together some resources which you might find helpful.

What is it that makes you feel stressed? Is it work, family or do you put too much pressure on yourself? Whatever it may be, it’s completely natural to feel stressed, especially as we’re dealing with a global pandemic, but it is how we deal with the stress that matters the most. 

If you feel that you need a little extra help, we’d definitely suggest that you visit the NHS website and take a look at their resources. If you’d like to find out how Gosh! may be able to help, then read on…

There’s strong evidence to support the fact that a healthy and nutritious diet can make positive changes to our mind and body – in essence, eating well makes you feel good! A balanced diet can make you feel more energised and therefore better equipped to deal with the days/weeks ahead of you. We understand though that it isn’t always easy to eat a healthy diet consistently, but that is where Gosh! steps in.

All of the Gosh! products are completely natural, ready to eat and provide nutritional benefits such as providing a source of protein, fibre or even sometimes one of your 5-a-day (check out our new Mexican Style Burger!) Made with delicious veggies, pulses, herbs and spices, Gosh! is the perfect addition to lunch boxes (kids and adults!), dinners or for snacking on. What’s more is that eating healthily doesn’t have to break the bank. Head over to the Gosh! Instagram to watch our meal prep series; meals under £2, using Gosh! products. Our Gosh! Coconut Dahl is an easy batch cook or, for warmer days, try our Rainbow Salad with Gosh! Beetroot Falafel. In fact, we’re always posting really simple vegan recipes on Facebook and Instagram, so we’d love you to give us a follow.

We’ve also asked the Gosh! team’s top tips on how to relieve stress and popped them below. Give them a try on those days where you find it’s all getting a bit too much and let us know how you get on by commenting on this post. We’d love to hear if they’ve helped you.


Gosh!’s Top Tips for Relieving Stress

Will – Marketing Manager
“I listen to podcasts as I love learning new things.”

Olivia – Brand Manager
“I love going for a long run, but even walking does wonders!”

Grace – NPD Technologist
“I love winding down by cooking a nice meal for myself.”

Derek – Specifications Technologist
“Being with animals, either walking or house sitting.”

Jahangir – Head of Category and Innovation
“I focus a lot on mindfulness and breathing exercises.”

Alex – Head of Supply Chain
“I do a HIIT sessions – it’s an intense and amazing way to get the endorphins flowing.”

Viki – Process Development Manager
“Singing in a choir. It’s means I don’t think about anything else as I am focused on my breathing.”

Christine – HR Advisor
“I like to play card games, sit in my hammock or go running.”

Alexandru – Shift Manager
“I workout, usually cardio, for that energy boost! Or, play the piano.”

Julie – Office Administrator
“It’d have to be a beach holiday.”

Donna – National Account Executive
“Listening to music, singing and dancing!”

Vinny – Production Planner
“I don’t get stressed” – There’s always one isn’t there!!!