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Nearing the end of Veganuary but running out of steam? Here’s our tried and tested top tips for getting through the rest of the month without falling off the wagon. 


It starts with a snack!

Don’t be afraid to snack, just come prepared. Keep snacks everywhere you go; your desk, your sofa, your bathroom, we’re not judging! Prepping yourself for moments of weakness allows you to satisfy your cravings without ruining your hard work this month. While you can’t always be a saint and snack on fruit, you can make sensible choices by snacking on nutrient rich foods that keep you fuller for longer. Our Snack Bites are perfect for gobbling on the go, or even during a Zoom call. We won’t tell! 

Make a plan, Stan!

The hardest part of being a newbie vegan is working out what to eat every day when you can’t whip up your usual breakfast or snack on some cheeky cheese. Your best bet is to spend your Sunday’s cooking up a storm to make meals for the week. Check out some of our recipes for some great ideas that work perfectly for batch cooking. 

Remember why you’re doing this

It can be easy to forget the reasons why you’re doing this, but whether you’re doing it to save the planet or to save the piggies, take a moment to remind yourself why you’re on this journey. Now’s the perfect time to educate yourself on the environmental, ethical, and health benefits of a vegan diet. There’s plenty of documentaries to watch to keep you motivated, our favourites are: Cowspiracy, Forks over Knives, and What the Health. Grab some Snack Bites and cosy down on the sofa!

Get your vitamins! 

Stop those ‘hangry’ moments in their tracks by including as many nutrients as you can in your diet. There are some nutrients that you can only get from animal products, like B12, but most nutrients are found naturally in your food. For the low-down on supplements for a plant-based diet, take a look at the top tips from nutritionists here.

Avoid temptation

The easiest trick to avoiding temptation is by removing it completely! If there’s no cheese in your house then you’re not going to eat it. Simple! Remember, this January, your body is a cheese-free temple, so make your home a cheese-free temple. You’ll thank yourself in the end.

From takeaways to fakeaways

Stick to whole foods and avoid reaching for the takeaway menu by recreating some of your classic takeaway food, with a twist! There’s no need to give up on your Friday night staples, we’ve got recipes for curries, burgers, and hot dogs that we think are better than the original! 

Eat the rainbow

Bring a bit of colour to your life by eating the rainbow! Dark red beets, green spinach, blueberries; all different colours, all different nutrients. Eating a big range of biodiversity means that your nutrient requirements are easily met.

Find your people

The internet is an incredible place to be. Whether you’re looking for vegan friends, vegan memes, or vegan recipes, you’ll find it online. Follow some vegan friendly accounts on social media for regular tips on how to live your best vegan lifestyle.